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Design Services Without the Design Fees

Interior Decorator in Fort Worth, TX

Here at MTK Design Group we believe everyone should love the space they call home. Your day-to-day life changes when you're happy in your surroundings. We have worked hard to streamline the decorating process to make it fun, simple, and affordable. Our design services are free, yes, free! How can we do this? Over the years we have built relationships with vendors all over the world who sell "to the trade only" so that we are able to provide to our clients furnishings at retail, and allow the wholesale profit to cover all the services including professional design expertise, space planning, project management, receiving, inspection, delivery and installation. What makes us different than a home furnishings retail store? We include a turn-key service and have a wide range of options in all styles to choose from in order to get the best fit for you and your home. What makes us different than your average designer? We eliminate the stress of hourly fees and surprise invoices. We also work with you during the design process so that you have more say in the selections while being confident you're making the right design choices alongside an expert.

We work with vendors in all styles and budget ranges so there is no such thing as a project "too small" or "too large" for us! Our main priority is to create the best possible design within your style and budget preferences.

So, what's the decorating process like at MTK Design Group?

MTK Design Group's Decorating Process:

2. Our first meeting is a complimentary planning session to review your priorities in person and come up with a direction. We start with a home tour to look at your needs directly and allow us to get a feel for the house. We'll then go through our portfolio to look at various styles and determine what direction you are most drawn to while also reviewing the various quality categories which is what mainly determines pricing. Lastly, we'll study your priorities in more detail, list the solutions we discuss and what those budget ranges typically look like based on the sizes needed, quality and style preferences. From there, we can best come up with a plan you feel most comfortable with before setting an appointment to work on it. This initial planning session usually just needs around an hour of time and works best if all adults that use the space can be present so that we can ensure everyone is on the same page.

3. At the design selection appointment, your designer arrives back at your home with the MTK Design Group van that's filled with thousands of samples to make all your project selections in your own home, in your own lighting and with existing furnishings you'd like to keep. We narrows down selections of each priority and you simply choose your favorites, creating a customized room made to reflect your tastes and personality. Your designer will be checking availability throughout the appointment, and since availability and pricing can change daily, all of your priorities for that appointment will be selected, priced out, and ordered at the end of that appointment. You pay only for the items you select, as long as you are choosing from one of our many suppliers, and you receive all of those design services at no additional cost.

4. Once your order is placed, MTK Design Group takes care of managing your project. We receive and inspect your items in-house. Once everything is ready, we set up a date for your Big Reveal! You leave for the day and our team installs everything. You come home to a ready-to-live-in new space!

Watch this video for a brief overview:

Still have questions about our process? Head over to our FAQ's, give us a call or send us an email!

Happy Decorating!

MTK Design Group

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