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MTK Design Group Featured on Redfin!

Published February 21st, 2023, Redfin featured MTK Design Group among other industry professionals in a blog post about home decorating on a budget. The story includes various tips and tricks on how to effectively decorate while keeping costs low. In the article, Megan Kranz, the owner and lead designer of MTK Design Group is quoted regarding her expertise on reupholstering existing furnishings and repurposing meaningful items already in your home. Check out the whole article on Redfin's Blog entitled "Home Decorating on a Budget: 20 Thrifty Tips and Tricks" to see Megan's advice and hear more great insights from well established interior design firms.

One of many great tips includes accessorizing and re-accessorizing. Sometimes moving around personal items that have meaning to you and incorporating some fresh pieces can give a space new personality. This recent Dallas project is a great example of balancing textural accessories. In addition, painting the back of the bookcases injected bold life into the room, which is another cost effective way to give a space fresh life.

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