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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I determine an investment for my project?

A: Working with a good designer will save you time and money. You won't need to spend any more time shopping from store to store, returning or settling on items. Since we work with a wide variety of products and suppliers, we can help you determine an investment range that compliments your home and is comfortable for you based on your priorities. Once we've established an investment range at the initial meeting, you can rest easy knowing that everything we show you will fit within the range you chose for your project and be the proper quality to fit your home and lifestyle. 

Q: What styles do you offer?

A: All styles! We are professionally trained to have knowledge in all varieties of style. Our focus from the beginning is to learn about you and what styles you are drawn to in order to customize your project to fit your likes and needs. And we have a wide variety of vendors to provide products in a multitude of style options.

Q: I just moved in and want to keep as much of my stuff as possible, can you help?

A: Absolutely. MTK Design Group's designers are very familiar with the pains of adjusting to new spaces. Many times we will help customers space plan with their existing furnishings to best optimize what they already have, and then fill in new as needed. Anytime we are helping you with your own items, we do charge hourly for space planning, starting at $150/hour.

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Q: How does the Turn-Key Decorating Service work?

A: To begin, call us anytime to discuss your priorities and ensure we are the best fit for your needs. You are also welcome to opt for the online design questionnaire. We'll schedule a  complimentary first meeting in your home or business to discuss priorities, design direction and quality preferences to come up with the best plan of action. We then set up your design selection appointment, where we come to you in our design studio vehicles equipped with samples to narrow down the best options based on your style and quality desires. You simply choose your favorites, creating a customized space made to reflect your tastes and personality. You pay for the items selected, and receive the professional design expertise as a complimentary service with your purchase. Once your order is placed, MTK Design Group takes care of procuring and managing your project, receiving and inspecting your items in our own warehouse facilities and once your project is ready, we'll schedule your Big Reveal! You leave for the day while our team installs. You come home to a ready-to-live-in new space, all installation included. Watch this video for a brief overview. 

Can you provide 3D Renderings?

A: MTK Design Group uses one of the top 3D rendering software programs available. Photo-realistic renderings are helpful for remodel projects that require structural changes in order to best communicate designs to general contractors. With the Turn-Key Decorating service, we take care of all of those details and have found in the past that customers who work with us for their decorating needs don't feel they need renderings after experiencing our efficient process. However, if you would like a 3D model of your room, MTK Design Group can provide renderings for a fee based on the depth of the project.

Q: Why does my spouse need to be involved if I’m the only one who cares about design choices?

A: Interior design is an investment in your home and can involve many types of changes to the interior or exterior. In our experience, we’ve found that any adults using the priority spaces have their own views, either financially or aesthetically, on how the spaces should be altered. Having all interested parties participate from the beginning stage can save time and potential frustration when making important financial and design decisions. We understand how valuable time is, and if all adults who will be using the space can be there for at least your initial project, we find that all parties are comfortable with the process and satisfied with the end result. In addition, future projects tend to go more smoothly and efficiently.

Q: Is there ever an hourly fee?

A: MTK Design Group offers multiple design solutions based on what fits your needs. Our Turn-Key Decorating service has been streamlined to avoid hourly design fees as long as you are purchasing from our many vendors options. For help with structural design elements that require general contract labor, you typically purchase those elements through your general contractor (plumbing fixtures, counter tops, hardware, doors/windows, molding, etc.) We help make those decisions hourly, and then can provide all the finishing touches directly with no fees. If we are helping with any of your existing items (hanging your art, re-arranging your furnishings), that service falls under Space Planning also charged hourly.

Q: How can you offer complimentary design services?

A: MTK Design Group has built great relationships with to-the-trade vendors around the globe to receive industry wholesale pricing. This benefit along with our streamlined design process allows us to sell at the MSRP (manufactured suggested retail price) and allow the profit to cover design services, shipping, receiving, delivery and installation services.

Q: Are you competitive with online and retail stores?

A: Working with a designer at MTK Design Group means access to thousands of options from trade-only manufacturers in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. We have streamlined our system to make the process efficient, stress-free and affordable, but please know you are still receiving a customized service. It is unfortunate that there are times when online companies access trade vendors and resell items at very little to no profit since there isn't anyone helping design, coordinate with other pieces, measure, receive, store, inspect, build, handle damages, deliver and install the items for you. In order to be fair for everyone, we work off of MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) and are only able to not charge hourly for our services by allowing the profit to keep our business running. As for retail stores, many stock products in bulk and are able to buy at lower costs and typically sell at a lower profit to get product off their floor. While some may include design service, options will be limited to what they have available and do not include a floor-to-ceiling turn-key service. We are able to access a much wider pool of possibilities to tailor each project and ensure you get the right fit for your home and lifestyle, and we take care of every detail to give you a true finished result, Our hope is that if you decide to work with us, it is because you value the quality of extensive service you receive. 

Q: Do you ever offer discounts or sales?

A: MTK Design Group offers every customer the same prices to be uniform to all and prices only increase as vendor's costs do. We do send out coupons in our quarterly newsletters and occasionally through email campaigns. We also send gift cards for referrals you send our way and after writing us reviews online that can be used like cash with no expiration date! Know that with the purchase of your item, you receive professional design expertise, space planning of your new items, receiving, inspection and storage as well as delivery and installation - all with no hidden or racked up fees. 

Q: Can someone go shopping with me?

A: MTK Design Group has built strong relationships with vendors in order to get great pricing for our clients and we focus on utilizing our vendors in order to keep our relationships and good pricing. Shopping locally not only takes more time costing you hourly fees, but also limits the project's creative potential. For special items we may not find in our vendors' catalogs, we are happy to track down and bring back the day of your Big Reveal to work in with your existing accessories. For things we are unable to provide—constructional elements for remodeling projects such as sinks, bath tubs,  etc.—we are happy to shop locally with you at an hourly rate. 

Q: Is there a project size limitation?

A: At MTK Design Group, we are in this business because we enjoy every aspect of interior design. Whether it is one window treatment or remodeling or redecorating your entire home or business, there is no project too large or too small.  

Q: How can I be comfortable purchasing furniture without sitting on it?

A: MTK Design Group begins the furniture selection process by listening to you to create a design plan that suits your home, your needs, your investment desires, and your lifestyle. We also look at any existing furniture in which you feel comfortable, and then can compare measurements, including seat depth and seat height, with the new furniture pieces we select. We understand that you might feel apprehensive about spending money on something you haven't sat on or seen in person and, in some cases, customers feel more comfortable finding furniture on their own. However, many customers have found that it can be very difficult to find the best pieces for their room without compromising style. Because our designers are professionally trained in furniture selection, helping you choose the perfect piece is their specialty. When customizing furniture for your space, we create a floor plan to choose the best sizes and shapes, and then together we choose the fabric and cushion style, design and finish, as well as fun pillows to pull it all together! Your furniture is such an important element in your room, and we highly recommend doing it right the first time in order to avoid wasted money or returns, disappointment and headaches! 

Q: What if I order something and I don’t like it after it comes in?

A: Our design selection appointment process ensures each customer that they will love their project because THEY helped design it! Your designer will narrow down the best design solutions for you based on your style and budget, and then YOU choose your favorites. This way, when the project is complete, the space truly reflects your personality. Given the thousands of options we have from our vendors, we do special order products specifically for each customer, and cannot carry all of our products in stock. In the rare occasion that a product is not met with satisfaction, defective items will be replaced at no cost to you, or exchanges may occur with restocking fees carried over from the specific manufacturer.

Q: I work full-time. Do I have to take off work in order to work with MTK Design Group?

A: MTK Design Group understands how valuable your time is. We simply ask that all decision making adults be present during the initial one-hour meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page in regards to design direction, priorities and budget. Our designers are dedicated to their customers, and love working with you to create amazing spaces! With that in mind, we take appointments during business, daylight hours, to ensure the best selections by incorporating the proper natural lighting into the design. For those who simply cannot meet during business hours, contact us with your situation and we will see how we can accomodate. 

Q: My project isn't ready past the approximate given timeframe. What is the hold up?

A: MTK Design Group proudly and efficiently handles every detail of your project. Within those details, we can only control so many of the steps that it takes to put your project together. In the design industry, we must work alongside freight companies and supplier manufacturers that do their best to complete your orders without error. Unfortunately, shipments occasionally come in with damages or may be delayed due to unforeseen backorders. MTK Design Group does their best to catch those issues before your delivery, but these types of mishaps may lengthen the project completion time. Once your order is started, your designer will give you an estimated timeframe for completion, but please note that situations out of our hands may lengthen the delivery date but we will keep you informed along the way. Please know that every person on our team strives to get every detail perfect for you in the most efficient manner possible. We want to take care of everything and make sure the process is easy and fun for you all the way to your BIG REVEAL! We promise, it is worth the wait!

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: After 3 business days, your order is processed and the sale is final. Any cancellations will incur a restocking fee based on the manufacturer's restocking fee rate. In the case of a defect upon delivery, an exchange can be made of equal value. MTK Design Group will warranty products based on the manufacturer's warranty terms following delivery, covering defects in material and workmanship, except defects resulting in misuse, accident, abuse, neglect or from failure to maintain. The purchase of your new items include professional design expertise, project management, receiving, inspection, shipping, delivering and installation. Pricing is generated from MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) and we are only able to not charge hourly for our services by allowing the profit to keep our business running. Any cancellation of items after 3 business days may incur hourly charges to cover our design services used.

Q: I have a damage question regarding an item delivered. Who should I contact?

A: Please note that as your interior design team, we specialize in design and providing optimal results for the investment preferences provided. Furnishings will naturally incur wear and tear, may adjust while acclimating to its new environment and may not function as they did when they were new. We act only as the middlemen to the furniture manufacturers as they handle communications from trade members only. If you experience a concern regarding your product, please fill out this damage claim form including detailed photos and/or videos of your questions and your design team will do their best to retrieve the most assistance from the furniture manufacturers for you. This middlemen communication is a complimentary service to you. Any repairs or replacement parts will be subject to the manufacturer’s reimbursement or charge of those items. If the manufacturer does not approve repair or reimbursement, your design team may still be able to assist you by locating a local repair option. SERVICE CALL OPTION: If an MTK Design Group team member is able to assist directly, we do offer assistance exclusively for our clients by providing a service call option. A service call starts at $75/hour per team member with a one hour minimum to cover drive time. Please fill out this service call request form and your design team will reach out for next steps. 

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What styles do you offer?
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