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The Anatomy of a Highly Productive Workspace

There’s no debate about it — the way a workspace looks and feels can have a direct impact on productivity and success. Interior design is essential to creating a well-functioning work setting. Before you start rolling out the same design principles applied to a familiar living space, think again.

Workspace design calls on very targeted and intentional tactics that boost collaboration, energy, and connectivity without becoming too chaotic for individual focus and attention. Balancing distraction and energy often requires subtle expertise in floorplan layout, structure, and finishing touches. In this regard, designing a space that feels supportive for many different team members is much different than the average interior design process for a home.

One of the biggest challenges that modern offices face is creating a feeling of connectivity. A heavy reliance on technology has enabled many roles to become more independent, with nearly all communication portals streamlined on a single screen for each employee. To deal with this more independent way of working, modern offices are built with work stations that feel much more open and public.

With that said, partition for offices is still very important, as many workers benefit from a space that feels individually supportive and grounded. After all, feeling like you’re on display while working is not always the most productive or comforting ambiance either. The difference is that modern office partitions have become much more fluid and flattering on the overall floorspace, fostering a balanced approach to interconnectivity and stability.

The increased openness of modern workspaces has created other challenges for interior designers, like sound management. Yet designers have managed to come up with extremely creative (and beautiful!) ways to deal with sound management, too, like acoustic ceiling cloud panels.

By remaining innovative and intentional, designers can still meet the demands of the modern workspace with style and aesthetic appeal, ultimately creating a space that helps workers boost productivity and focus — all from a beautiful setting. Take a look at some of the key features of a highly productive workspace.

Skylar Ross is a writer for Avanti Systems who focuses on topics related to the commercial office space. He enjoys writing about subjects that help office spaces improve their interior spaces and increase productivity along with it.


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