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Why Hire an Interior Decorator?

Many people can't get past the fear of spending too much by hiring an interior decorator so they end up with hand-me-down furniture for years, one half-painted wall because they couldn't decide on a paint color, and faded, way-too-short curtains that were on sale at the local big-box retailer.

Maybe you've tried different furniture stores, bought and returned a few different accent chairs but have never quite felt happy with any room in your house.

You have a full time job doing what you do best - so why try to take on something you don't have time for and don't feel confident doing? This is what we do and it is our job to be experts at home furnishings, as well as being experts at finding solutions that fit your needs and tastes.

We understand that it is scary to hire someone, pay for their services without knowing if it will work out, and then on top of that pay for your furniture. So instead of all the scary charges, we make it easy and simply offer home furnishings to you at regular retail price and with it comes design expertise, project management, delivery and installation - all at no hourly charge. You simply pay for the furnishings and get back to what you're good at and let us take care of the rest. You'll even get your own HGTV moment with a "Big Reveal" of your new space.

No design fees. Just furnishings alongside an expert. It's really that easy.


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