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How Real Estate Agents are Adapting during Coronavirus

Covid-19 is changing many business processes, with social distancing and remote work becoming the norm, and real estate is no exception. Real Estate agents are adapting to this new world during Coronavirus by finding proactive solutions to sell homes safely and efficiently. If you need to sell your home fast in Dallas, TX, being aware of how agents will address your needs can put you at ease to be well on your way to achieving your real estate goals.

Safety first

First and foremost, agents are putting the safety of their clients and potential buyers as a top priority. For in-person showings, that means tours for only one person at a time, keeping a distance of six feet apart. It’s not uncommon to ask potential buyers to wash their hands or provide hand sanitizer at the door and to even take it a step up by providing masks for everyone involved. Realtors in Dallas, TX and across the US are communicating these safety precautions ahead of time, to not only help potential buyers feel comfortable, but also so there are no surprises when they arrive.

Buyer appointments

Following the side of caution, real estate agents are advising clients to limit the number of potential buyers who they invite inside their homes, and this has led to scheduling buyer appointments. With these “showings” the potential buyer does not enter your home but instead is given a tour of the outside and the surrounding neighborhood by an agent. The location of your home and its exterior can communicate a lot about whether a particular home is the right fit and this kind of preliminary showing can help eliminate people who aren’t serious contenders.

Going virtual

Working Digitally

During coronavirus, one of the biggest changes in real estate, is a move towards more virtual home showings. You’ll work with your agent to prepare a virtual tour either to be pre-recorded, or to be shared live, like a typical open house, only on a computer or mobile phone screen. Virtual showings can be scheduled like any other open house and will have a script and road map to follow to highlight the key features of your home. Your agent will take into consideration when your home receives the best light and any other factors that will show its best side.

Digital documentation

In addition to the virtual showing, it’s not uncommon for buyers to request documentation about their potential new home, just as they would during a live showing. With coronavirus, real estate agents are advising clients to adapt with tips for selling your home virtually, such as by providing this all digitally, including evidence of inspection reports, warranties, damage reports, renovations, or anything else that potential buyers might be interested in.

Real Estate agents in Dallas and across the United States have adapted quickly to address the added safety precautions and restrictions that Covid-19 presents. With these new practices in place, if you are looking to sell your home you have nothing to worry about because your agent has you covered with the practices needed to adapt to Covid-19.


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