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How to Fix Up Your Home, DIY Style

What a cool front door!

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It’s tough enough to sell a house without having to worry about what repairs need to be done to convince prospective buyers to actually make an offer. Homeowners without any do-it-yourself experience may find the selling process even more difficult. However, certain projects are easy, even for novices. Here are a few DIY projects you can take on as an absolute neophyte that will speed up the selling process.

How small projects can yield large results

While massive bathroom upgrades and kitchen remodels may get the most coverage on television, seemingly small cosmetic changes are often the most powerful DIY alterations you can make when you’re trying to sell your home. This is because the key to helping a buyer fall in love with your house is perception. Cosmetic updates subtly change the house to fit the buyer’s expectations - a fresh coat of paint on cabinetry makes the furnishings seem newer, and neutral colors on walls make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. In general, use common sense before jumping into an assortment of DIY projects - always think about the effect your changes will have. This will allow you to calculate how much you can make from the sale of your home. If your baseline value is roughly equivalent to similar homes in your area, consider how much a drastic improvement in aesthetics will be worth.

How to paint your house like a pro

Paint is a mainstay of house preparation for a reason. A simple day’s worth of painting provides a dramatic change with relatively little investment. All you need are a roller, a brush, a pan to hold the paint, painter’s tape to keep your corners crisp, and cans of paint in the appropriate colors. For walls, the most widely accepted rule is to use neutral, earth tones, like off white, light browns, and light greys. Use the available light in your home to your advantage - a room with large windows should have a bright, clean feel. Work with the characteristics of the room, not against them. Start off by preparing your surfaces by fixing any cracks or chips and priming, if necessary. Next, begin taking care of the corners and baseboard areas with your brush using light, regular strokes. Next, you’re free to take on the rest of the wall. Be sure to let your roller do most of the work - there’s no need to press firmly into the wall when gentle pressure is all that’s required for even coverage (how much pressure is necessary depends on the quality and thickness of your roller). To give your painting job a professional look, paint from top to bottom. This will prevent any unpleasant drips from falling down already-painted surfaces, providing a smooth, clean surface. For cabinetry, if you prefer a natural wood look, consider wood stain instead of paint. Staining is a quick and easy process with three steps: remove the doors from their hinges, sand the old finish off of the surfaces, and apply the new stain using light, even strokes.

Remember the exterior

The exterior is incredibly important as well. A recent survey found that the most useful single project for attracting buyers is adding a new front door (or refurbishing the old one with a fresh coat of paint or stain). While new doors tend to be rather costly, installation is usually easy - just take the old door off the hinges and swap it out with the new one, making sure everything is level. Maintenance of the exterior is also useful. While this doesn’t mean you have to hire a full-time landscaper, taking the time to prune trees and bushes and clean up the yard goes a long way toward making your home look inviting and livable.

Remember, projects don’t have to be complicated to be effective. Trading your old dim incandescent light bulbs for bright, energy-efficient LEDs while adding floor lamps throughout the house is another simple project that appeals to buyers. So, don’t fear if you have no DIY experience - the art of selling a house is in the subtle, small changes.

Article Created By: Suzie Wilson | Happier Home | Check Out Her Website

Suzie Wilson is proud to announce that her debut book, The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open House, is COMING SOON to online retailers and bookstores near you!


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