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The Easiest Way to Transform Any Space!

Painting a space may feel like an overwhelming project but it's amazing what this small investment can do for the overall feel of your home. When trying to choose a paint color, first look at the bones of your house and then locate colors that will bring out the character of that foundation.

The colors in your granite, fireplace stone, flooring, or unique back splash. Since walls are such a large expanse of any room, coordinating the color with your home is important for it to feel cohesive. If you love color, you can then incorporate splashes in the decorative additions - window treatments, rugs, pillows, accessories - just remember that it is all about balance and injecting the color evenly throughout.


If you're working on a budget but want to spruce up your home, focus on the elements that will make the biggest impact - paint, window treatments and the right size rugs help to define and set a dramatic foundation to any room. Then consider finishing touches as phases you can spread out as needed - reward yourself every so often with the next phase so you have something to look forward to.

Having trouble picking a color? We would love to help!

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