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Why Join MTK?

MTK Design Group is looking for interior design professionals to join their award-winning interior design firm. With a unique design level program in place meant to support success, we wanted to dive into the details of who MTK Design Group is and why join their team.

What is MTK all about?

MTK Design Group provides interior design solutions in the comfort of home through an efficient, convenient and fun process. Our culture statement is Improving our Surroundings. We believe in improving the surroundings of our clients to reflect their personality, function for their lifestyle and ultimately improve their day-to-day lives. At the same time, we also focus on improving the surroundings of ourselves, encouraging our team members to be all that they can be.

Who do you service?

Our target market is working families that are busy doing what they do best and truly value the service that comes with professionals taking care of their interior design needs, because they know they want to love their home but either lack the skills or time to do it themselves.

Why work here as a designer?

What we love about our process is the efficiency it brings to the table. By working in the client's environment, it not only makes it easier for us as designers because we can check things in real time - verify measurements, check color swatches in the actual space in the correct lighting, etc. but the client is so much more comfortable when they're relaxed in their space. We connect faster, we're both invested in the project together, we get to know their families, pets and see their lifestyle while it's happening. All of that helps to curate the perfect design for how they live, And at the end of the day, there is no question of whether they'll move forward or not. We've built the design together and by the time we're done, the whole family is excited to see it come to life. As designers, we love that we don't have to feel like we have to spend countless hours in the office coming up with a design in fluorescent lighting, while the phones are ringing and emails are flying in and business to-dos stacking up. We're on site, fully focused on that project and our clients are providing feedback as we go so that we really only invest the right amount of time needed to accomplish their priorities.

What is the best part of working here?

What I think our whole team loves the most is seeing the end result manifest in the spaces we create and the look on our client's faces when seeing their spaces transformed. We've had screams, full on tears down the face cries, whole family hugs, you name it, and those reactions make everyday worth the hard work we put behind accomplishing our dreams.

Note from the Owner:

I have worked for mostly small businesses before starting my own and always found it to be more rewarding to grow alongside a team so closely that works off each other's strengths to build something great, together. What I love about the team we've built is that we are so passionate about what we create, whether it's a streamlined system or room design, and we are constantly finding ways to improve - not only to provide a better service to our clients, but also to create a better environment for ourselves. The more we enjoy our every day, the better we will service our clients and build a company we can be proud of. Our values start with customer service and exceptional design, and when we find employees that truly value the same, we know we have the perfect fit and want to support them to stay with us long-term. Small business means family, there's no question about it - we know there's a reason for each person that comes into our family's life and we value the encouragement we get with each experience. The scale that our business is growing can be scary at times, but I know with the right people on our team, we will grow at a pace that diversifies our abilities and manifests our unique story.


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