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Window Treatments: Ready Made vs. Custom

Ready made vs. Custom Window Treatments. What are the real differences here and what are you getting for your money? Ready made curtains are mass produced with the bare essentials to be cost effective. There are quality trade-offs that shouldn't be overlooked when making the best decision for your home. Here are 5 distinct differences between the two --

Difference #1: the actual lengths will vary from one side to another. Quality standards are loose when mass produced; up to 1" in varying lengths is considered passable in some cases. So one side of your panel may touch the floor while the other side is too short. Our local workroom has strict quality standards and everything gets checked in detail by human eyes so that your treatments will be perfectly in line every time.

Difference #2: Lining -- Ready made panels are typically unlined. Lining not only protects your fabric from sun fading, but also creates depth, hides the stitch marks from showing through, and tailors the drapes so that they lay consistent. There are many lining options including room darkening (so you can sleep in on the weekends) and premium options for an extra-plush look.

Difference #3: Length Options -- Ready made panels typically only come in a few lengths which most often doesn't work great with your window sizes. Or if it does happen to reach the floor, it starts barely over the top of your window. By customizing to any length, we can add height and width to your window which can help make your room feel larger and draw attention to the ceiling height or interesting architectural details.

Difference #4: Widths & Functionality -- Ready made panels typically come in one standard width so if you want them to close for privacy or light control, they are tough to move around and they end up usually covering most of your window when "open." When customizing, we can make it the exact width we need and use functional hardware systems to open and close the draperies - they can even me motorized for extra ease.

Difference #5: Shaped Windows -- Many homes have unique shaped windows that ready made panels simply don't work for. With custom treatments, we can create solutions that will compliment the character of your windows while still functioning for your needs.

We have years of experience in custom window treatments for every size, style and budget range. Call us for a complimentary consultation regarding your windows today.

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