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4 Tips to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, it is a big investment that you of course want to make sure is executed the exact way you want it. The most demanding tool to have on hand to help you make hard choices is a crystal clear picture of your remodel goals. To get certainty on what matters most to you, read about some key tips you should consider during your kitchen remodel.

Cost vs. Value

Everything from sinks to appliances to cabinets come at all different price points. How do you know when it is worth it to binge for a high-quality product and when it is better for you to save your money?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Will the purchase increase the value of your home?

  • Will the product solve a pet peeve?

  • Will the investment improve your everyday life?

  • Will the addition of this element make your house feel like a home?

In reviewing all of these questions, you may agree that the cost amount of a feature for your new kitchen is worth it because of the value it brings. The experience in your kitchen and resale value of your house based on cost vs. value can definitely help you get clarification on what is really worth the extra money.

Daily Use vs. Special Events

This topic has to do with how many people your kitchen will accommodate. From seats at the table to refrigerator storage, the number of people you want to serve will affect your kitchen design choices. You will not only want to acknowledge how many people live in the house now, but how many will live in it 10 years from now, if this is your forever home. You also want to consider how often you entertain and for how many guests? It is recommended to design your kitchen based on maximum capacity needs.

Function vs. Aesthetics

A kitchen remodel design should entail both beauty and function, but when working with limited budget, considering functionality and aesthetics may be necessary. Function vs. Aesthetics is thoroughly personal, important, and has a lot to do with your lifestyle. When weighing aesthetics vs. function, you’ll want to consider how you use the space and what is most important to you. How many people you cook for daily, how often you entertain, the kind of entertaining you do, the style of cooking you prefer and how many people work in the kitchen all at one time. Weigh your priorities and invest in what matters most.

Speed vs. Patience

Any home project takes time, that is just a part of the remodeling process. And once the kitchen is under construction any delay can be difficult especially if you are still living in the home. When you are in that situation, the risk that you take is getting tempted to say yes to just about anything so the project can finish and your home can be back to normal. When making this kind of financial investment that you are going to live with for a long time, it is recommend that you take your time. Finding the right solution is always better than the quick one.

Add Some Green

All kitchen styles can benefit from indoor greenery. In fact, if you look back at some of the images above, you’ll notice that plants were a small piece of the design. This is mainly because plants are an easy way to add a splash of color to any interior design. Not only that, but adding any form of greenery to your living space can make it more relaxing. When choosing a plant for your kitchen, make sure you choose one that pairs well with the texture and color scheme of your overall design.

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