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Planning Your Living Room Space

Space planning can be difficult at times especially with all the different factors that play into it, but the living room is one of the most important rooms in your home, so having it planned out the correct way will make your home feel complete.

Some major factors to consider when planning out your living room:

1. Arrange your furniture so that it can be used on a daily basis. Will you be able to conversate with company without shouting across the room?

2. For table placement, arrange the pieces to allow 15-18" from a sofa or chair to a table for ease of use.

3. Incorporate balanced lighting into your space planning to create ambiance in the evening and a even amount of well-lit areas. This helps enlarge and draw attention around the room,

This living room floor plan has well placed lighting, tables, and abundant seating for all your guests.

Having two armchairs across from a sofa is another great option for different style seating arrangements for your living room.

Having a living room that is flexible with seating is great for larger groups or kids. The ottomans in this space can be moved around depending on that event's activities.

This living room shows an example of thoughtfully spaced furniture. The coffee and end tables are placed perfectly to allow nearby functionality for all seated guests.

In large spaces, consider two coffee tables to add drama, fill the scale of the space, and allow for additional functionality for all seated guests.

When you have large windows and want to magnify a view, consider placing a chaise lounge chair close by. This will create a space for someone to relax and enjoy a book or join with the conversation.

Need additional help with space planning?

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