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The 4 Key Elements to Space Planning

Space planning isn't always as easy as it sounds. To successfully tackle space planning, there are several elements to consider. Function, physical limitations, furniture, size and flow are all important when planning out your space. Keep on reading and we will explain in more detail why those elements are key for your house.

1. Function

Think very carefully about who will be using and what you want your new space to be. What will be required of that space? Will events be held in this room? How many people should it hold? Is there limitations because of age, height, physical ability? How accessible and durable does everything in the space need to be? If you think about all the different everyday life activities that go on in this space, the better prepared you will be.

2. Measurements

Measurements might be a pain, but they are very important in the space planning process. Getting all the right measurements is critical when drawing up a floor plan and by having it, you will know what furniture pieces will fit perfect, proportionately and aesthetically.

3. Ergonomics

Once you know the function and measurements of a space, then picking out your style of furniture comes next. When picking out furniture, keep in mind comfort,as well as function to best reflect your lifestyle and personality.

4. Flow

Your home should flow within each of the rooms, especially in an open concept floor plan. This can be achieved with the same or coordinating materials, shapes, textures and color from space to space and will make your home look whole. Flooring, baseboards, interior doors, mill work, and furniture can also be tools to help your home flow visually as well.

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