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'Tis The Season for Entertaining

It is that time of year to entertain your guests with holiday parties, family gatherings, and company coming in and out of the house. Consider these 8 tips for your home if you love entertaining.

1. Welcoming entry

Greeting your guests is definitely easier when you have a coat closet nearby. You can stash their coats, bags, and belongings right when they walk in.

2. Kitchen counter seating

Kitchens always seem like the place where everyone gathers. Having seats where guests can sit while you are preparing them a beverage or finishing up a dish is a fun way to start a casual gathering.

3. Open floor plan

A spacious floor plan is perfect for encouraging mingling and mixing during gatherings. Arrange your living room to have an ideal flow between the dining, kitchen, and living room spaces.

4. Formal dining room

If you are more into hosting formal sit down dinners, a dining room is definitely a necessity. Make sure your dining room has enough space to fit a dining room table and chairs. Adding a mirror will help the room appear bigger and reflect items that are worth seeing twice.

5. Main-level bathroom

Having a bathroom that is easy access for guests to get to is definitely ideal. Especially so you don't have to worry about cleaning your own bathroom every time you have company over.

6. Recreation room

Having a room like this is obviously great for entertaining. A stocked bar, TV, and fireplace ready for you and your guests to lounge out and enjoy each other's company.

7. Backyard patio

A backyard patio is a must for Fall weather days. Whether you are grilling some delicious food, roasting some marshmallows in the warm fire, or gathering around the TV watching a big game.

8. Indoor-outdoor flow

Having sliding glass doors where you can travel from the inside to outside is a great way to have two entertaining spaces right next to each other for guests to mingle in and out.

Need additional help creating entertaining spaces for your home?

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