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Cavern Clay, Color of 2019

Fired by desert and forged by sun, Sherwin-Williams announced the Color of the 2019 year…

Cavern Clay!

The color is elementally new, very bohemian and ancient, yet totally refined and fully alive all at the same time. It has layers of history where soul meets the earth.

How do you use this color? Easy. Cavern Clay brings a brand new life to any space in your abode. It is right at home with wood furniture, leather upholstery, natural furnishings, worldly textiles, and even exposed floors. You can bring in wood furnishings, coordinate greenery, add a southwestern rug, and embrace furnishings with patina aspect to it.

You can pair cavern clay color with origami white, distance, moth wing, and dark clove.

The Cavern Clay color pulls any space in your home together and creates an atmosphere where you are experiencing the nature of the world in one room. Let’s make 2019 the year to use Cavern Clay and experience how it changes your home.

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