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Amanda & Clint’s Midlothian Transformation

Amanda and Clint first approached the idea of re-doing their home when they knew the holidays were approaching and they’d be hosting guests. They were tired of their home feeling dark and outdated; the timing was right for a change. “We’ve had this furniture since college, we’re ready for a new look!” Amanda explained when first meeting with her designer and touring the home. Losing the dark, yellow tint throughout and brightening the spaces, incorporating kid-friendly furnishings and maximizing entertaining space were all important priorities for the Bodiens. After spending some time getting to know the family and how they function, and also reviewing various interior styles, Megan Kranz, owner and lead designer of MTK Design Group landed on a Modern Rustic direction that incorporated touches of nature - the perfect compliment to the peaceful backyard of this property, set in a beautiful Midlothian neighborhood.

“I like to start a room design by drawing out a floor plan options that will utilize the space’s full potential, while also creating a flow throughout and efficient traffic paths. Our space planning tool is so helpful in putting the puzzle pieces together in a way that’s easy to understand and ensures we set the right foundation. Once we have that, the fun begins of filling in the details.” Megan says about initializing the design. The Living Room is an open concept and the TV was taking up the one main wall of the space. Placing it over the fireplace provided the opportunity to include more seating and the sofas were chosen with kid-friendly performance fabric for ease of maintenance. The accent chairs, rustic tables and large scale rug complete the layout and define the Living Room. “In open-concepts like this, it’s important to pay attention to what the furniture looks like from behind when you’ll see it from other spaces. These turned-wood chairs are seen right as you enter the home and from the Kitchen so I wanted to give them something unique to enjoy.” Megan explains about selecting the furniture pieces. To brighten the space, Megan describes the process as a science of getting the right balance of colors, textures and light.

“Lighting is one of my favorite design elements and mid-level lighting is not only key to balancing light, but a simple way to curate a cozy atmosphere.” Megan adds. The main walls and ceiling were painted in Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams for a fresh backdrop, and the window walls were accented in Mega Greige to highlight the view and create contrast for the softly patterned sheer window treatments.