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A Mad Men Inspired Bar? Yes, Please!

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Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group

"We want this room to be 'Mad Men Loungy' and seat lots of guests comfortably."

This space was previously a garage, turned photographer's dark-room, turned secondary living space and had the perfect bones for what our clients dreamed of in their highly-anticipated bar lounge makeover.

The project actually started with appliances that the clients inherited from a gracious friend. We began by creating a floor plan that would house the appliances in a simplified Kitchen set up that included a bar-top island to define the bar from the living space. "We didn't really need a ton of cabinet storage so rather than a whole wall of cabinets, I wanted to utilize the nooks behind the partition walls as extra seating for guests when they entertain. We made these custom booths that are perfect to slide in and feel like you're lounging at a bar without having to leave the house! From there, the idea to wrap the granite around as a table for the booth developed seamlessly, and the clients' pendants that have been in the family for generations, were the perfect addition to illuminate the hangout spot and complete a symmetrical aesthetic." says Megan about coming up with the layout.

Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group

Once the floor plan was finalized, the details fell into place. The thick stack stone wall tile -

that was literally installed one piece at a time - lines the bar walls and fireplace front, bringing depth and coziness. The zebra-wood flush front cabinets and waterfall granite edges provide the sleek and sophisticated look our Mad Men wanted. A piece of the leftover granite was fabricated into an oval corner bar partnered with 2 aged leather bar stools for even more seating while entertaining. The ottoman was custom made to coordinate with the booths and wheels around on casters for ease of use. The black leather sectional has custom-made brass legs and adjustable headrests for the ultimate relaxing setting! Two granite tops, brass leg tables fit seamlessly between the sectional and room divider to house the party favors.

Glass Tile, MTK Design Group
Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group

The tiled bar face was custom designed to light from the inside. "I felt like this tile was tailor-made for this project. The pattern has this vintage-vibe, and carried the weight and mood I visualized for this focal point." says Megan about the illuminated art piece. It contrasts so beautifully against the slim curves of the retro bar stools and bold edges of the granite waterfall.

One of the most unique features in the room is the custom wall divider made from industrial-strength recycled wood. The design was chosen in appreciation of the era and compliments the home's entry door design, aiding in a flow throughout the house. This one-of-a-kind divider suited the solution to separate the garage entrance from the room, making for a more intimate setting once in the lounge.

Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group
Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group

"You got the loungy, it's beautiful!"

said the homeowners after seeing the final big reveal. "The whole crew couldn't have been happier with the results and the best part about it all is knowing that they are going to make so many great memories in this space with loved ones - that's the coolest part about my job!" says Megan after sharing a hug with her clients. Don Draper may not show but I bet he approves, we're ready for the next party!

Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group
Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group
Dallas Bar Lounge Design, MTK Design Group

General Contractor: Troy Poole, Restoration Work

Interior Design: Megan Kranz, Assoc. ASID

Photography: Megan Kranz, Assoc. ASID

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