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How To Decorate Your Small Bedroom

Whether you live in a studio apartment, a new build, or an old home, bedroom sizes vary and sometimes you can't help but feel claustrophobic. We get it, we've designed some grand master bedroom suites as well as tiny bedrooms. We've learned a thing or two about designing small spaces, follow our tips below to create a functional & stylish bedroom oasis!

1. Skip the nightstand

When designing a small space always think practicality. If you want to have a desk or vanity in your bedroom but simply don't have the space for it, replace the nightstand.

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2. Hidden Storage

Storage space is typically the biggest concern we're faced with when designing a small space. Sometimes there's lack of closet space, sometimes there's lack of square footage, and sometimes it's both. Thankfully we've got the best storage hack, Under-bed storage boxes! You can find them on Amazon or at IKEA. Free up valuable closet space by storing off-season clothes or shoes.

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3. Let there be light!

Soft light coming from several different directions will blur the edges of your room and make it feel larger.

4. Magnify With Mirrors

Mirrors will help create an illusion of a much bigger room than you really have. You can also position your mirror towards the window so the natural light will reflect even more through out your space.

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5. Add Wallpaper

Even though your bedroom is smaller doesn't mean you can't add some fun bold wallpaper to a focal point wall. Choose a pattern that is large scale and that will make your bedroom look bigger than it actually is.

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Need additional help decorating your small space? Give us a call today!


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