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Kitchen Remodeling - Where to start?

If you are considering remodeling your Kitchen or are about to start a project, many times homeowners struggle with where to start when making their design selections. Watch this brief video on tips I give my clients to help make the decisions easier from the start.

1. Out of all the major design elements of a Kitchen space, if there is one thing that is really important to you, start there and build out the rest of the selections based on that priority. For example - you may really want white cabinets - so choose the cabinets first and then select your countertop, backsplash, and accent pieces that will compliment.

2. Maybe you don't have any specifics in mind but you do know that you want a durable countertop, like granite. Check out some granite slab yards near you and just walk around and see if anything pops out at you. Natural stones are one-of-a-kind pieces of art and once you find one that you love, the rest of the design elements are easier to select based on that slab's color scheme and patterns.

Happy designing!

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