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Whimsical Rustic

This sweet family were ready to grow their family in a home that they love. Room by room we were so thrilled to help them create an atmosphere that felt inviting, with touches of rustic textures and whimsical shapes to reflect their fun personality. We especially loved helping introduce their newest addition to the family.. in style! The clients' Paris print with the slightest touch of pink accents began our inspiration for the Nursery. The end result was a perfect mix of soft wood tones, bold pattern and gold accents. 

Winning BEST BEDROOM in the 2021 Fort Worth HOME Design Awards. the inspiration for this Master Bedroom design started from a unique mix of colors the homeowner wanted to use including various tones of blues, grays and soft pinks. An existing sofa the client wanted to keep began the direction of the soft palette used, first drawing the same color into the windows to extend the space vertically and ensure the sofa didn't feel overwhelming for the room. A whimsical wallpaper highlights the ceiling niche and captures the airy essence the homeowner wanted to relax in.  An updated ceiling fan and woven ottomans provide texture and the artwork, lighting and accessories finalize the soft and dreamy oasis. 

The family continued to grow with a baby boy and we had so much fun putting together his Nursery. Fun patterns with bold blues alongside rustic woods cozy up this room with a whimsical mobile-like chandelier in the center. This unique room had an empty niche that we transformed into a multi-functional Children's nook housing vertical storage with custom wood floating shelves and a built-in desk that now offers a place for work or play for the whole family. 

Designer: Megan Kranz  | Photography: MTK Design Group

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