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Design Partnership Services for Custom Home Builders

As a custom home builder, you may not have the time or resources to spend hours helping clients choose the design elements of their new build. Let us partner with you to help them make the right choices the first time and save you and your crew time. We source within your preferred vendors & allocated budget, and provide 3D renderings when applicable that communicate a clear vision of the end goal. As your clients desire, we can service them further by completing the interiors furnishings from floor to ceiling. Your homeowner will have a finished home ready to live in and your build will stand out from the rest.

Consulting on design elements can include: Cabinet Style & Hardware, Counter Tops, Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures, Door & Molding Styles, Flooring Materials & Design, Tile Materials & Design, Light Fixtures, Interior & Exterior Paint Colors.

How to Start:

Builder provides us with the construction schedule, desired deadlines for selections, floor plan blueprint, and allotted budget plan.

We will meet with the homeowners initially to discuss style direction and functionality needs, and set up selection schedule.


Builder pays a price per square foot and can include the design cost within the home price,  or we can consult the homeowners directly as needed at an hourly rate.





A personalized design service for the home buyer and time saved for the builder

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